Kedarnath is a pilgrimage of Uttarakhand in India. It is one of the exhilarating Char Dham of Uttarakhand. The Char Dhams namely,Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath hold a special significance not just for spiritual people but for the adventure seekers too.

Kedarnath temple lies at an astonishing height of snow- capped by Himalayan ranges at the head of Mandakini river. The height of Kedarnath temple from sea level is approx 3500m. The complete trek of Kedarnath is of around 18Km which starts from the foot of Gaurikund.

We started our journey from Rishikesh with a lot of excitement and joy, our heart grows more excited as we feel the cold breeze and the purity of mountains. We reached Guptkashi after a long road trip of 12 hours. The stay was fascinating with the snow covered peak view of Chaukhamba Parvat. After that we moved forward towards Gaurikund, the base camp for Kedarnath trek. We freshened up and went for eye capturing in the scenic beauty  of the place.

Being so excited I woke up even before dawn. Although, we were told to woke by 4 at sunup

by the trek leader. It was my first ever trek and the only thought that came across my mind was “You Can Do IT”. We started the trek at 5 am, all mountain peaks were covered with snow and a cold breeze was passing chill through our bones. We were walking in a row looking like a man-chain and all I could see was the footsteps of the person walking in front of me. After two hours of continuing trekking we stopped for a tea break, and now we can see a crystal clear view of mountains surrounded by the snow.

After that break we continued climbing the astonishing mountains. Oxygen level was playing a different role, and those chilly cold breezes were slowing us like snails, and to be honest I can’t stand still any longer because of my sweat, my body was quickly responding to the cold breeze. I remember when I had difficulty climbing, our trek leadr Abhishek strengthened my limit. He said “you can do it choti” ” have a sip of water”. And this really made me realise how important it is to have good co-trekkers or being a good trekker.

From our last stop where we had some more tea again I was counting my steps. At the 67th step I was in front of the Kedarnath temple. That heavenly view made me numb for a moment. I could not control my tears; they just fell off. All my emotions were mixed, I was so excited, I jumped, I hugged my co trekkers, we all were congratulating each other as we witnessed that soaking view. I really had a moment for life and it turned out to be heavenly. I made a promise to myself to explore more wonders like this.

Mad For Trip you guys were an amazing host/ trek leader with a message for saving our  environment. Thank you for this mesmerizing trek from Char Dham Yatra.