Need to vent out from routine life?

Here’s how I got introduced to a slice of heaven, right here on Earth, in India!

We all often get in such position wherein we fell to dump everything we have in hand and go for a trip.

I here suggest you,

A place to vent yourselves out,

A place where you can find peace,

A place where you can do some good adventure activities,

A place where even work from home feels like fun..

Are you all guessing the place already?

Yes, I am talking about the beautiful Uttarakhand.

This state was rated just as a religious place because of the presence of Kedarnath, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc famous places.

Factually these places are beautiful too, but a small tinch of happiness to this is that the state is not only for religious ones.

Big time atheists can have super fun here.

I personally had no idea what exactly this place was before I visited it.

Every place here like Tungnath, Auli, dehradun, . Etc give you a whole another level of crazy and amazing experience.

These places are clean, cool, calm and so soothing to heart and eyes. I’d always tell people to visit such beautiful places within the country before going abroad.

Though explaining the experience is not even close to what you actually feel it when you are there, still I’ll try.

It happened this way, my childhood bestfriend asked me if I’ll join her to this backpacking trip to Uttarakhand, to which I replied “huh?” Trust me, I was dumb enough to not know the beauty of the place. Somehow she managed to convince me by showing different videos of various places in UK, she got me excited and we got there. Starting from Dehradun-Chamoli-Tungnath-Auli-Joshimath-Rishikesh etc, living at beautiful stays, experiencing the deadly cold weather, talking to amazing localites, eating delightful local food, leaving the bus empty and sitting on top of it, breathing the freshest air possible, we lived it all.

No kidding, we cried af while leaving the place, departing from the people we met was heartbreaking already just in few days. It was like the 8 days was such a less time to experience this beauty here.

By the way you need to spend months here to experience every bit and tip of the state. A place to visit with family and friends, to go as a teenager or as an adult, it is for all and to all.. ..  Just a slice of heaven!